Paper plane

In a world of bizzare achievements
Would you walk in as a simple present
An adorable pink trinket lined outside street shops
A pond covered in lotuses and full of koi fishes underneath
A delicious caramel pudding sampled in a tiny ancestral cafe
A plain vanilla ice cream scoop enjoyed on a summer night

Oblivious to the material world
Would you walk in as a divine bliss
An impulsive stroll on a monsoon evening
A touch of snowfall on bare palms
A ray of dawn striking against the window
An undiscovered constellation straight above

Unfazed by all difficulties
Would you walk in as a reminder
A dive in the chilly pool where I learned to swim
A walk by the shore in my native town
An old books smell which makes me intoxicated
A mobile phone’s ring disturbing the peace around

Negligent to societal comments
Would you walk in as inspiration
A drop of acrylic paint on a blank canvas
A random poetic scribbling on a newspaper corner
An original melody born out of the noises of birds
A freeformed masterpiece transcending the norms of all art

Unaware of the limitations
Would you walk in as a traveller
A piece of a jigsaw yet to be completed and displayed
A number in a sudoku almost about to finish it’s course
A clue in crossword leading to the coming words
A color in a rubik’s cube interlinking all in a pattern
A memoir of the past I happily remember
A mirror to my memories I want to dive in
An ode to myself
A paper plane

– Meetali Pandit

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 In a world of silly sweet anecdotes
let us indulge in some savoury

As your dusky hues bloom in the sun
let my lips have a taste of yours

As my fingers brush against your skin
let our tastebuds intermingle

As I stare at your dimples
and you gaze at my lips

You play with the locks of my hair
while I tease ur curves

You call me with cute names
as I embrace you in a hug

Your wet waves tickle my neck 
as I take a sip of your nectar

You are a gorgeous delicacy
curated gently as art

A specimen of grace
bathed in sandalwood 

Fragile and sensitive 
yet strangely powerful

Carrying unexplainable simplicity

Dancing with some complexities

Delicate and smooth
but feisty and implusive within

Engulfed in waves

Shining out in the rays

Encompassed in layers
of unbound flavours
and unending palates

Beginning as a surprise
turning into a rollercoaster

Incorporating laces of soft
packed with punches of heat

Sweet, spicy and unpredictable
Like cinnamon.

– Meetali Pandit

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This is a story of a writer who has always been into books and writing. Then in school, writing was all about essays. She enjoyed writing about whatever she would come up with. This way she got engaged by herself which built up a comfort zone for her.

As she grew up, she went away from her family and friends to pursue further studies. Being far away from her loved ones was out of her comfort zone. College was full of new faces. Being an extrovert helped her in making new friends. But it felt that she was missing something. Her mind was full of thoughts and chaos. Unable to endure it, she found a way to escape it. She penned down her thoughts. It was a sigh of relief for her. Her mind was at peace and she continued to write.

After some writings, she opened a page on Instagram to showcase her write-ups. Initially, the growth was slow. It was hard for her to reach the audience. Anxiety, panic attacks took over her. But she didn’t let it demotivate her. She drove herself with positivity and hope. Her belief in self-motivation took her forward. Writing gave her an identity. It made her confident and strong. And now, she is doing far well. Currently, she is happily working in a renowned firm and side by side writing articles as a hobby.

“We should not merely exist but find the true meaning of our existence.”

-Meetali Pandit

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People are like songs in your life.

Remember the guy you met in the metro, who was reading your favourite book? You didn’t know his name, you hardly remember his face, but you know that he might be having the same taste of books, as you have. But, you could never talk.

That guy who was your classmate in college, and then you became great friends, you’d hang out together every other day, but as soon as college was over, he just disappeared from your life. Maybe, deep within, you knew you could be more than just friends, but three years just passed by and it never got there.

You do remember that relationship which seemed perfect. Your partner was all that you ever wanted. You loved each other, your fights didn’t last long, your kisses were as passionate as in the movies, and you were just so much into them. But then, it ended like a flash, and you just couldn’t accept the fact. You’re still moving on, or maybe you already have.

And then you meet that one person with whom you click on the first day itself. They understand your sarcastic comments, they’re equally understanding, you guys bitch about the same people, you cry on their shoulders when they stop you from drunk dialling your ex, and you abuse them when you’re sober. Yes, that’s your bestfriend.

We meet so many people in life, just like the songs we come across. Some might be like the one you heard in a cafe, you liked it but you hardly remember the tune. Some might be like the one which once topped your playlist, but it’s been years you’ve played it. Some might be the one which you dance to, and it seems like the perfect song to play on loop, or the one which is there in your playlist, but you’ve never been brave enough to play it.

– Meetali Pandit

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This New year 2021

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
– Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

None of us know what this new incoming year has in store for us, but with hope in our spirits and a conviction in our souls, we move away from a number that haunted us, shook our core, transformed us, and if not all better, we are collectively ready for anything that awaits us, and with a song in our hearts, we march towards a new day, a new month, a new year, slowly caressing our wounds, healing and helping each other on this onward journey.

I didn’t get around to read much the last year, what with the humdrum of craziness around me, and as much as I would pretend to not be bothered by it, I am extremely torn by the fact that something that took away everything from me, also took away the single most precious thing that had always kept me afloat, reading, from me. So this year albeit slowly, I will keep my books closer, my coffee strong, and my reading glasses straighter, hoping to catch up on all the books I missed reading in 2020, and as the seasons turn, maybe I will find a book or two that makes my heart dance!!

That’s all that I hope for today:)
What’s your wish this year? Are you hopeful things will eventually turn out in your favor? How did you spend the first day of 2021?

– Meetali Pandit

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Love in this generation

Love in this generation-
One fine day, when the time is right and you might not even be prepared to meet the love of your life, you’ll meet that love. Maybe you never thought of ‘dating this person but eventually, you will.

There was this one line that always got me “You’re gonna fall in love so many times before you find the one you’ll be with forever. So, think of it this way: you’re just one broken heart closer to happily ever after.”⁣

And there has not been a more precise portrayal of what goes on, nowadays. Or did earlier too, but never got accepted.⁣

It’s okay to look for a lover and crave all that cute stuff. But it’s also okay to focus more on your career and give all your love to yourself.⁣

In a world where you’ve seen your parents fighting more than being in love, or making you choose one over the other, or your lover disloyalty on you, or all those extramarital affairs. I want you to believe that the love you want, exists.⁣

That person might be stalking their crush right now, digging their self-worth in the tomb, not being aware of the fact that they deserve so much love and respect and you wanna give it to ’em.⁣

So, it’s okay. Things take time. In a century, where everything/everyone is just a click away, true love might not be. It’s still going to take its time and be right there in front of you when you have understood most of your lessons and are ready to explore new ones with this person. We humans want to control everything, have an answer to all the questions, to quickly solve the problem instead of learning the lessons from it. Appreciate the beauty of what goes on around you. I know it can get hard sometimes or mostly, maybe. But I know that no sadness stays. Eventually, you move on to more important things.⁣

So focus on learning new, being you, interacting with people, reading, breathing, and living.⁣

One fine day, when the time is right and you might not even be prepared to meet the love of your life, you’ll meet that love. Maybe you never thought of ‘dating this person but eventually, you will. You will find those flaws so beautiful and love them more than you ever thought you could. There will be a huge bucket of love for someone so much, before. Love will find you. You’ll find filling up inside you and you will question if you ever had this capacity to love. Hope. Believe. Have faith.⁣
– Meetali Pandit

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Hey Stranger

Hey stranger,
I know you haven’t ever known before today that I existed, but I’d like you to finally open the door and walk in my life. I know you don’t go out much (I know because I watch you all the time) but I’d like you to go out with me once to that coffee place that has new bookshelves with all your favourite books lined up in exactly the way you line them up in your room. I know you like your hair up in that messy bun all the time but I’d like you to feel the fresh air this evening. The nature should be able to smell those curly locks. They’re a miracle, after all. I know your favourite place to eat is your bedroom with Netflix on but I’d like you to eat with me once. I promise I’d bring the jar of Nutella you’re obsessed with and I promise I’d put on your favourite mystery show. I know you don’t like to talk much as you wrote in your diary ‘I don’t like to talk. I’m too awkward at it’ but I’d like you to be awkward in front of me because for me— your awkward is cute, it’s funny, it’s perfect. I know you don’t laugh much with your friends because they don’t match your level of sass but I’d like you to throw on me every sassy comment you find. I want to see you laugh as that ‘almost dimple’ on your cheek only comes out then. I know you like to dance only in your room at midnight on ‘you belong with me’ in your baggy shirt but I’d like you to dance in my bedroom with me in my baggy shirt on ‘kiss me’. I know you don’t know I exist but I’d like you to finally realize there’s someone who knows everything about you, who loves everything about you, who can’t wait to hear it all from you. So, be ready at 8 tonight. I’m going to climb up your window with a stupid grin on my face and I’m going to take you with me to a never ending drive to the world. I know you won’t be ready for me because you don’t know me but I’d like you to know — that I won’t take no for an answer.

Would you be excited or scared if someone sent this letter to you?

– Meetali Pandit

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An Ode to ink-engraved sheets of paper.

An Ode to ink-engraved sheets of paper. Photo from movie: Kill your Darlings (2013).

There are numerous ways you exist, ⁣
Unrequited love in handwritten letters, ⁣
Scribbled poems on napkins, ⁣
At the cafe that I went, ⁣
For the boy that never showed up, ⁣
Typewritten alphabets that made its way, ⁣
On my study table, ⁣
The words on the sheets, ⁣
Felt alive, ⁣
And the papers, ⁣
Were a part, ⁣
In a story, ⁣
The one I live. ⁣

You are the ones, ⁣
That I carry in my pockets, ⁣
Sometimes as napkins, ⁣
Or as a torn corner of the page, ⁣
Of the diary, ⁣
That someone else owned, ⁣
You exist as a part of, ⁣
Stories I try to make my own. ⁣

You remember the day, ⁣
I would just make shapes?⁣
In the centre, ⁣
Like it was mine, ⁣
You, were mine, ⁣
The mess, ⁣
The scribbles, ⁣
The voids, ⁣
All of it, ⁣
I owned that particular piece of paper, ⁣
And I gave my life in it. ⁣

Someone can ask me anything, ⁣
About the storms and chaotic doodles, ⁣
I drew across this paper, ⁣
And I can recite a story, ⁣
Like I’ve written it on the back of my hand, ⁣
And my veins swallowed it whole, ⁣
Didn’t even chew, ⁣
Just engulfed it completely. ⁣

The ink that you soak in, ⁣
Everything I wrote, ⁣
About the conversations, ⁣
I would have, ⁣
About the universe, ⁣
And how we’re not alone, ⁣
About exoplanets, ⁣
With cheap wine, ⁣
And Bob Dylan vinyls. ⁣

You engulf my stories, ⁣
And make it your own. ⁣

They belong to you now.⁣

-Meetali Pandit, “Sometimes, we belong to the pages

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