Relationship – comes with a label

Does a label make you love the other person more?

Perhaps, I’d never know.

Or maybe I don’t need to because I’ve already got everything in you. For loving you brings out the best of me.

So labels of love are callous,

It’s a soul reaper for countless homes.

We aren’t considering each other boyfriend/girlfriend. And i don’t want to possess you. But people end up wanting to possess each other and term it as “Love.” I’d rather go on a walk with you while holding your hand and watch the sunset together. I’d rather make coffee for you, while you still asleep, and wake you up with a slight kiss. I’d rather dance with you on your favourite song or keep watching you.

wood couple love texture

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Love ain’t that hard, isn’t it? We aren’t a label and actually won’t evolve around it ever. Life wouldn’t cease whether or not we are together. But life wouldn’t be easy without us being together. You see, love doesn’t always have to break you and strew your broken pieces like ashes on a flower field. Love can also be ray of sunlight on winter morning or it can be a yellow umbrella on a rainy Saturday evening. We can watch your favourite movies, while you tell me the story behind why you love them. we can star gaze or probably could wish to have our own stars some day.

And I’m not saying, not having a label makes us better, or keeps us from hurting. We’re not even trying to be better than anybody else but ourselves. It’s true loving hurts which always does whether it has a label or not doesn’t matter. But it’s the only thing that mends, it heals. And it’s the only thing i know, you know, we know.

It’ll hurt, even if we are together. But I pray, still we are together. We can always love, after all , love isn’t that hard as people say and make it so.

After all, it always rains the hardest just before the rainbow.

The question on existence

We tell ourselves why it will never work out and in the end, that’s what happens. We break ourselves before someone else could. We leave the hours before someone could enter. We are a generation who admires patience and kindness because that’s the one thing we have run out of.

People measure their life on some scale. We swipe right to left to like a photo but never go deep inside our own existence to watch life bloom within and around us. We trade permanent happiness for temporary bliss and gamble with time, bleed digital notions that are brain becomes alien to ourselves. Our body is an extraterrestrial living form and all the people who inhabit in it become a homeless wanderer within themselves.

We conceal our scar’s and stretch marks from ourselves not knowing our body is our universe, it took million years of thunderstorms and lightning to breathe ourselves back to life.

Adulthood is a mean surgeon with our life exposed to its hospital bed. Failure’s are the surgical blade that cuts through our bloodstreams, isolating dreams and hope, while some make it out alive and the rest of us die even before we get to life.

We stopped fighting for things we want. Now we fight for everything with everyone because we no longer know what our heart really wants. We are different people seeking the same home in others.


 A mother to me is core and center of a family. Without the mother there would be no life, as only a womb and the love of a special woman can bring life into existence. As a Father I cant provide all the essential things that a Mother could. I cant provide the loving compassion of a Mother, I can try but always come up short. I cant provide the gentle soothing voice of a mother, I can try but will never sound right. I cant be the gentle place to fall , I can always try but probably the fall would still be rocky

The truth is we cant duplicate or replicate Mothers. Mothers are a special gift from God that provide every essential for human life. And yes woman can accomplish amazing feats just as men, but woman can never be replaced as a Mother because they have been chosen by God for this special purpose.

Why Blogging?

Have you ever been asked why do you blog? Or why do you enjoy blogging so much? When I first started thinking about blogging and when I first started writing on my blog, I did it because I love writing. As I have continued to blog I have found more reasons why I love blogging.

Blogging has become a big part of my life and a great creative outlet for me. The more I blog, network with people, the more I learn about myself and the blogosphere.

I have always loved being creative with colouring, drawing and crafting. So blogging gives me that creative outlet, whether its the writing, designing and taking photographs. I love taking photographs and sharing them.

Helping others by their writing

There are some bloggers who’s niche is advocating for mental health, nutrition or sport. Posting this information can really help others. I have had a few people reach out to me and tell me the post I shared help them. It is a great feeling to know people are not only enjoying your writing but it is having a positive impact on their lives. Has someone reached out to you before after you shared a post?

Making new friends online

Being able to connect with other like minded people is a great perk of blogging. It can be such a supportive community. I have made some great friends through my blog and they are kind and supportive.

Learning new skills

Setting up a blog there is technical information to learn as well as SEO and analytics. When working with brands for example, I have learned a lot more about pitching, contracts and invoices. I am sure I still have so much to learn and I am excited for me and my blog to grow.

Blogging is growing as a profession as a hobby. With so much creative content out there and so many talented writers. These are just a few reasons I have learned about why bloggers love blogging and why I love it so much.

Are you a blogger? Why do you love blogging? Can you relate to these reasons? I’d love to hear in the comments.

The journey of blogging starts again!!

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve written here. For some people, this would be an indicator that they were being wildly productive elsewhere. For me, it runs parallel to everything else in my life. So I return, disorganized and unkempt, my decompensation complete after a year of crises.

I woke up two weeks ago feeling as if every joint in my body was inflamed. My hands were stiff and painful. There was stabbing nerve pain in my knees. I walked as if I have no life left. It sent me into a depression.

Still I never gave up on writing , I used to write on the portraits clicked by me. But still felt something was lacking in me. I buried myself in books, frequent naps, and long stares into space. As I’ve written about numerous times, in this Instagram marketing world, there’s a temptation to wait until everything can be repackaged into a neat story, complete with a moral and pics to prove it. But sometimes the only way to find one’s way through the story is to write about it, to just start telling it. We’re in love with stories of redemption and miracle outcomes, but those are movies and reality shows and late night commercials, not life. Life continues in all its uneven messiness, where the best victories are slivers of light – moments when we are able to exhale.

Things are quiet now with a sense of purpose. I approach everything the same way (which can sometimes be an issue): Make a list of problems I’m trying to solve, do research, break it down to concrete steps, line up resources, and start walking the plan.

It’s time to exhale and spilling those emotions with a pen or paper and start blogging again

There’s always a reason

Theres always a reason behind everything that has happened it changes us into a better person.”

We think, we decide, we plan, we discuss and finally, we act! Can we initiate all these steps just like that? I mean without even a single thought? No!

Whatever we do, whatever we like, whatever we leave, whatever we accept, wherever we go, whomever we meet or call…….. Everything no matter what it’s range on the meter of importance is. There rests a reason, there exists a meaning. I don’t think anyone could tell about something which they made, said or did without a reason! Though we say many times that we just like that or…. But it’s not correct. Maybe at that particular moment we were not aware as how we can explain our reflexive deeds, but calling things that there’s no purpose in them is surely not right.

We can say that reason of now is the organ of every next! We feel good or bad energetic or very lazy rather sometimes we try to stop our thoughts which is round and round on our mind and at the end we say, ” I don’t Why I acted like that or why I am behaving like this way?” And once the phase ends, we tend to realise the actual reason buried beneath our actions. It definitely takes time but it does appear.

Also, actions can be good or bad. After all, we all are humans, possessing the traits of both devil and angel. Isn’t it? And who wants to live a plain life? Would you? Obviously not! The way we add different ingredients in a single dish to make it awesome, same goes for life as well. It also needs unlimited ingredients to make it more sweet and spicy!

Fortunately, the choice of those ingredients is always yours. You are the who will decide about the availability, number, the quantity etc.of the ingredients. Thus the way we express ourselves depends upon how creatively we want to present our dish of our life. And the reason why everyone is different because we all have chosen individual platter.



From the very beginning I am talking about reasons, so there too exists a reason behind this post and I am thankful that it happened, it made me write something reasonable! Thank you. All I want is that we all should try to enhance and polish our reasons because only then we can shine in the cuisine of this beautifully reasonable world!!


It’s been a another year now,

From the day.. When you left forever..

The clocks ticked,

Memories were clicked,

Love spread all over,

No one was sober,

Pages Turned,

Lessons learned,

Another year…


Staring at the mirror,

To overcome your fears,

To fight those tears,

Tears rolling down my eye,

Fist clenched,

My room was a mess,

A photo of us,

It wasn’t just,

You left too soon,

For me to say goodbye..

And now you became a part of the infinite sky.

Fusion of Confusion!!

Your intellect maybe confuse but your emotions will never lie to you.”

Every one is always excited to bring on something new. We want to rise and shine like stars and make all this turn into reality, we keep on scratching our already confused mind. We keep on pressuring it to give us some new ideas. And, let me tell you, we except only “Brand New” ideas so that we can bring on our copyrights.

Has it become very necessary to be different? I am not saying we are same! Obviously every one is special in there own arenas but has it become mandatory to keep proving ourselves. If we are successful at each and every level, we are allowed to go to the next stage otherwise one cannot dare to think of trying it again.

Let me ask you! How many times will you try if you are not able to do it successfully? One, Two, Three,….. Six, Seven.. The question is how many? Most of us will do it twice or thrice and after that, the perfectly inflated balloon of energy will gradually start deflating! And then comes a stage where we start thinking about wierd ideas which ‘CAN’ fulfill our dreams. We keep on combining things and most of them will be mismatched!! Even the final decision will be one of those mismatched because we have already confused ourselves in the fusion of these mismatched things. Finally, even the right things shine as wrong.

Can we do something to avoid this fusion of confusion?

Why not!!

All that is required is “P A T I E N C E.” The understanding of these eight letters can do miracles. I agree in this fast moving world there’s no place for “WAIT” but it is definitely needed to attend such speed. Once we get the crux right, no rocket science can make us slow. So try and keep counting as the next time you too will be wanting to win against your own trails! It’s always good to compete with yourself than with others.

Mysterious eye’s

And those mysterious eye’s,

Window to his soul,

Mouth to his unspoken word’s,

An illumination to million star’s!

And those mysterious eye’s,

Hiding the intense pain, with his sunglasses.. Bcoz his one glare look can people die for…

Speaking an unknown language,

Coloured dark but utter calm,

Floating on the wave’s of thoughts.

Where there’s a fight between conscious mind and subconscious mind.

Standing out there, where the sun is almost reaching the horizon.. And where he free his soul, letting the cool breeze trigger his mind.

Making him believe..”Everything will fall into place. Maybe temporary. Maybe for time being. But. It will.”

And those mysterious eye’s,

Revealing the need for love,

Burying the sorrowful tears,

Not even asking for help,

But his eye’s want to say something..

“Please stay… Help me out.. I am not okay”.(Screaming internally)

And those mysterious eye’s.. Staring for some one.

A book with no end and no beginning,

But of thousand untold tales!!

And those mysterious eye’s

And those mysterious eye’s…